Friday, September 5, 2008


MoJo's first day of Kindergarten was not nearly as exciting as I expected it to be.
I let her ride the bus to school, but not home. I don't want her on the bus with all those naughty sixth graders.

We followed the bus to school to watch her get off and go to her class. Ridiculous? Yes. But we did it for the older girls, so I had that excuse to guilt my hot husband into it. This is her with her good friend Christa. Christa is not wearing high heels. She's just really that tall. My poor midget children and their height challenged parents. When I was in high school I promised my diary that I wouldn't marry anyone under 5'10''. I guess all diary promises go out the window when a short man makes you laugh until you cry AND proposes by the fax machine everyday at work.
She has my beautiful friend Mary for her teacher. I'm so excited that someone I know and love is taking care of my little baby.
I got LOTS of questions regarding my emotional state after this momentous occasion. As always, baby Plankton and Superturd managed to ruin any chance me feeling anything. Here's a little video of them attempting to kill my soul. MoJo had already gotten on the bus and we were about to leave for the school. (as always they stopped the real fit as soon as I turned the camera around. They started again the minute I put it down. They're tricky like that.)

This is not the reason her first day wasn't exciting for her. She found out that they go 5 DAYS A WEEK and it didn't sit well with her. Apparently she was thinking a Tuesday/Thursday schedule would be more like it.


jlcumber said...

Maybe he was just missing his big sissy Mo Mo. :) Love them. She was dressed so cute for her first real day of school.

Gina Lee said...

I dread this! I wish somehow my son could stay itty bitty forever. She looks darling on her first day of school!
Hey, I know you love the coupons just as much as I do... I made a link bar on my Mommy Tips blog. The Being Frugal Is Fabulous is my favorite!!! Enjoy

Sam said...

I am glad to be back, and I missed you!! So glad to see you at the fam reunion, tho. Mo looks so dang cute! A friend that you LOVE teaching your kindergartener? How wonderful is that?!!