Sunday, September 14, 2008

In an efffort to declutter my blog

I'm going to start posting all of my deal type posts on a different blogspot spot. The link is in the top right corner of this blog. That way this one sticks to my family adventures and I can more easily keep track of stuff. Nothing new on either blog right now, though. OK, OK, one thing:

VeeVee came running into our bedroom being chased by our two "dogs" (her sister and brother). She was able to get in the room and get the door shut before they made it in. In all of the excitement she lost control of herself and did an elbow bent, arm pump thing and screamed YES! Followed by a butt wiggle sideways dance. She was just so proud to have beat them. I thought I might have to squeeze her guts out, it was so fricken cute. Little turd doesn't even talk, just shrieks her guttural demands at me, and here she is screaming YES as clear as a bell. Adorable little faker. That's it, starting tomorrow, no food or drinks unless she clearly alliterates her requests. No diaper changes either. We'll see who speaks clearly now.


jlcumber said...

whatever. :) You will cave to the plankton's orders. Like we all do! :)

jlcumber said...
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