Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Horrible Noise

Last night after dinner we heard that horrible, gut wrenching noise, that all parents hate. The sound of a baby's head hitting the floor. Hard. She had climbed up on the table and then fell off of it backward, landing on the back of her head. She's ok, but man-o-man, I hate that head hitting the ground sound. Doesn't it just make you nauseous? And if any of you say that your children never fell on their heads because you were responsible parents who always watched them and knew if they were trying to climb on the table, I will come to your house and leave a garbage bag of dirty diapers in your dryer. With it running. On high.


jlcumber said...

Oh...I hate that noise. Heard it again today when Ash Ash fell off the chair she was attempting to summit. :(

Todd said...

I was totally about to profess my masterful parenting abilities, but then I was like who needs dirty diapers in your dryer ... again?

Sam said...

Why I never!!! Ha! All of us have so been there, I just started early by doing the massive head injury when she was just a month or so old. I put her in the bouncy wouncy seat, strapped her in (safety first) and put her SAFELY on the kitchen table while my husband and I team cooked dinner. There was a tablecloth on the table and somehow it slipped and she whamo'd right on the hard floor. Good mom. I know. I need that nanny lady to come tell me how this crap is done. :)