Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday - What I Would Spend Money On If Gas Prices Weren't So High

1. An RV and gas to drive it anywhere we want to go.

2. A trip to DisneyLand for our kids. We haven't been since Grant was a baby.

3. Landscaping and a fence

4. A way to store more pictures

5. Framing the beautiful temple painting that Chris got me for Mother's Day

6. A real camera with fancy stuff to go with it and software to make the pictures even cooler

7. New shoes for me and the kids

8. A couch with no stains and some sort of magic upholstery that will survive Superturd

9. Food storage and a freezer full of meat.

10. Go see Brandie and GET MY HAIR DONE


Sam said...

Freezer full of meat. That's a good one. I am the breadwinner this year. Deer AND elk tags. SWEET!!!