Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not the message I needed to hear

Chris is at the for reals office today. When he's gone I check his messages on the upstairs office line and call him if there's anything important. Here's the one that I just listened to:

Hey Chris (some deep voice guy, I have no idea who it is) I just wanted to give you a heads up. I talked to a gal I know, known 'er for years, names Katherine. She wants to talk to you about one of those special loans on those three bedrooms, the real nice ones. Yeah, so she'll be calling you soon. Real nice gal. Asian. Hotter than hell. You'll have to take her to lunch. She works right across the street there from your office. I told her you'd take her to that nice restaurant right there to sign the paper work. (the restaurant in the HOTEL) So, yeah, I'll try you on your cell phone.

I have to go throw up now.

You can all commence with feeling sorry for him. I have that horrible feeling that his day may have taken an ugly turn for the worse. I'll try to be a normal, healthy type person, but I'm not making any promises.

Hey, kids, where's Mommy's special pills?


heather said...

First off . . .long time reader, first time commenter. Too funny to not comment! I am still laughing. "Asian. Hotter than hell." Lunch in the hotel. But my favorite part is "where's mommy's special pills?" Heidi showed me your blog when we were in Sun River together. You crack me up. And good luck on that flight to Vegas!

jlcumber said...

Oh NO!!!! Oh no oh no oh no. Just when I thought you were getting better. Tell Chris we have an extra room down stairs for him to stay in if he needs it. Idiots! *(not Chris, but the stupid dude leaving the voicemail)