Monday, September 8, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday Topic

This one is all Chris' idea. Can you tell?

Top Ten Inappropriate Songs for Weddings and/or Funerals

I think I know who has been playing along, but not everybody does, so I think you ALL need to comment this post when you have yours posted so that we can all enjoy each other's hilariousness. And if you haven't been playing, you're officially invited (ordered) to start participating. We need all the funs we can get. What if we don't even know who you are? Play along. What if you're a random blog stalker? Play along. What if you're a crazy ex-boyfriend who reads this blog religiously trying with all their might to imagine them selves in my hot husband's place. Someone who looks longingly at the pictures of my children wishing that they were yours and that you had helped to create that fruit of my perfect loins? Play along. What if you are one of my sisters and you just threw up in your mouth when you read about my loins? Play along. What if reading "threw up in your mouth" made you throw up in your mouth? Play along. What if, while playing with your baby, it threw up in your mouth (it DOES happen, I know)? Play along.

What if this post was the most annoying thing you've ever read and you hate my guts? Don't play along.


Lars said...

That was hilariousness itself! Thanks. My youngest woke me up at 2:30 a.m. to tuck her in again because she was cold and that was the end of sleep for several hours. So yes, I'm a bit punchy and loopy. But thanks for the laughs. I'll get on with my list.

jlcumber said...


Todd said...

I'm in.

Yes I am lurking now.

Lars said...


Chris you started this thing, you & Amy have to play.