Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Top Ten Tuesday - Things a Man Should Never Say to His Wife

1. Are you sure you want another cookie? David Stokes said this. He was serious. Yes, I really did want another cookie. I always want another cookie.

2. I'm really starting to like that. When referring to anything in the intimate area of your life. Something that leads you to say "Since when? I'm not aware of you being into that." Then your mind starts to race to all of the horrible scenarios that would have led him to be "into that". Reading back through that one makes me realize just how bad it sounds. He was talking about a style of lingerie that I have never owned. Not something, well, you know, I've already said too much.

3. She's Asian

4. Whens your birthday?

5. That was a great movie, remember when we saw that together? When it's one that came out during your relationship but you haven't seen it and you didn't know he had either.

6. She's just lying to come between us, I NEVER said I was leaving you for her.

7. Where would I run away to if I won the lottery? Why would I tell you? I witnessed my Dad say this to my Mom. He thought he was SO funny. She didn't.

8. You're deathly ill with pneumonia? No, I can't come help you and your sick child, I have plans with my friends tonight. This one was Matt. 40 and never been married is not surprising at all.

9. Are you going to get ready? When you are ready.

10. My favorite true story one: My ex girlfriend and I had the most amazing chemistry, I've never felt anything like it.

Looks like my list was more of a Top Ten Stupid things My Stupid Boyfriends have Said to Me. I have issues.



I knew this would be worth the wait. I'd forgotten about the movie one. Now I'm pissed off again.

Lars said...

After witnessing David and Shane eat half a pizza as a sandwich...I'm not so sure he wasn't just wanting that cookie for himself. ha ha

jlcumber said...

6. She's just lying to come between us, I NEVER said I was leaving you for her. *(hmmmm...I am sure you heard this one a time or two also. AND I have never heard the movie story!)
Oh Matt...Matt, Matt, Matt...bullet dodged!