Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Arctic Blast 2008

We don't normally get much snow here. Not ever, especially not this early. Here you can see the extent of our snow day. School has been cancelled for today and tomorrow. The news stations are going CRAZY predicting all of our imminent demise from the massive storm. Look at how much snow we got. I think we're going to make it.
Here's our only snowman... Our child who stayed home from school yesterday with Strep Throat playing in the snow. In my defense, I kept her in all day yesterday and she nearly went crazy wanting to get over to the frozen pond. I hope I haven't sent her illness into a downward spiral like our weather. She's on the bark pile that I never did move to the flower beds this summer.

My children like to sled down the septic drain field. At least any poop is frozen.


Sam said...

Amy, thanks for pointing out the ridiculous nature of the news reporting. You'd think we were in freaking Costa Rica or something. It's Oregon. Parts of Oregon get ALOT of snow. Chill, Matt Zaffino. Sheesh. With wind chill, we've been seeing in the negative double digits 'shere in these parts. Warmer today. 20's. I think I'll title it for E. Oregon....something like "It's Damn Cold, So Freakin What 2008"!

jlcumber said...

FUN!!!! :) I love the pictures! Seriously though...come see us...we have the snow and the hills without poop.