Saturday, December 6, 2008

Oh yeah, him's hot, him's hot

I wish I could tell you the little tune that Superturd uses when he's shaking his butt singing, "Oh, yeah, him's hot, him's hot!" about himself. He finally explained to me that there's this dog on Krypto the Superdog that catches on fire or catches things on fire, I don't know, exactly, but it's one of the super powers of this particular dog, and when he's done doing his fire thing he sings a little song. His song is he's hot, not him's hot, but you get what he's saying.

Tonight he ran out of the bathroom naked. He likes to be completely naked before he can really relax and let things flow. He runs up to me in the kitchen and is all excited and he's all Mom, look at THIS! as he proceeds to clench his little butt cheeks in-out-in-out. Little cottage cheese cheeks straining with effort. His little face beaming with pride at how strong his butt is. It was impressive, really. I made sure to tell him him's hot before I asked him whether he needed me to wipe that butt or not. No poops mom, just pees. Which was good news, because I really don't think it's proper to wipe butts in the kitchen or while preparing food. I know, I shouldn't be so uptight.


jlcumber said...

Hims is SO hot. Kiss that sweet boy for me!!!