Monday, December 1, 2008

You can love your pets, but don't LOVE your pets

My chickchicks love me and I love them. When I go let them out they run up to my legs, squat down, spread their wings, and wait for me to lovingly stroke their back feathers. It's so beautiful. A girl and her chickens. Something I must capture on film soon. While you anxiously await those precious pics, here are some shots of the Ladies.

Have I swayed my chicken hater friend yet? Nothing? Really? They're the best pets ever AND they give me food! Wait till you see them getting their strokes, that should get you.


Lars said...

I'm reading your posts in reverse (from most current to here). I see you with your chicky friends and I'm just not sure. I'm not sure which bothers me most...that you live in an alternate universe where Rhode Island Reds are NICE, pettable animals...who also give eggs (which by the way should increase to one a day from each of them) OR that you didn't tell me (uh, I mean your nameless blog readers)how to get a free photo book thanks to Oprah....hmmm
Oh fine! I'm not bothered by either but I am NOT, I repeat N*O*T going to go buy evil (in disguise), I mean, cute little, fuzzy, yellow chicks and stuff...Bah Humbug. Am I mixing my sentiments? ;0) I believe that's the type of reaction you were waiting for...right?!