Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vintage Wedding Tackle

The story that Chris came home with:

On the way home from work I made an unannounced stop at the builders office. The office had a closed sign up and I knocked. I saw the builder waddle painfully over to open the door, then waddled back to his desk. After talking about work for a few minutes, I told him he looks like hell and asked if he is sick. He said that he had just had a hernia operation. This man is somewhere in his 60s. He looks like the grandfather that every kid grew up with. He says "I feel like hell. You've go to see this". Then he pulled down his elastic waist shorts...farther and farther down. As I noticed that his shorts were going down farther and farther my mind was screaming don't look don't look, but before i knew it I was staring at old man balls. Luckily for me there was also the six inch incision next to his shriveled grey wedding tackle. With every ounce of determination that I possess I kept my eyes glued to that scar. he pulled his shorts back up and said, "have you ever seen anything like that?" "No, no I have not. That's quite a scar you're going to have there" "NO, not the scar, my F'ing NUTS they're full of blood, they're HUGE". He started to pull his shorts back down to show me, but I stopped him and said I'd seen enough and to have a nice weekend.

BTW, this is the same guy that left the message for Chris that I heard that said he needed to meet up with that hot asian gal. Same guy.


Todd said...

Cute story.

Lars said...

Interesting euphemism. What a story!