Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Flashback

Having my extended family as blog buddies is making me homesick this Christmas for the MV. Doesn't Lyle & Linda's house always feel so warm, not just physically, but emotionally very happy and cozy. I'm missing Grandma's Christmas lights and her bell with the pull string that played a song. I'm not remembering what song, though, somebody help me out. I love you guys!


jlcumber said...

I agree...maybe next year we should all head that way and have Christmas at Grandma's. I don't recall the song though. Only the bell.

Sam said...

AWWWW. Amy, that is the most wonderful comment. That is very very high praise, coming from you. I miss those two, and i had TOTALLY forgotten about the bell and the string..not sure about the song either. I am blessed to have you as a cousin, cousin. :)

M and M said...

Amy, That is wonderful that you feel that way about our home. We love having family and friends around.Be assured that our home and our hearts are always open to you. So come anytime at Christmas, or anytime you can, we would love to have you. We Love you.
Aunt Linda & Uncle Lyle