Monday, December 22, 2008

The Return of Top Ten Tuesday

With thanks to Lars and her sister for some fresh topics!

Top ten Multi Level Marketing you’ve tried/thought about doing

1. Amway 1993. I wanted to die just thinking about approaching people, so I never did. That worked out real well.
2. Mary Kay. I didn't do it but only because I knew I'd have to talk to people
3. I always wanted to do Pampered Chef
4. and Creative Memories
5. I accompanied my sister when she went to do a Intimate stuff party for some people she didn't know. I think one of them asked for my phone number. Really.

I think that's all. Mainly because the thought of talking to people about my "business" makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and rock back and forth moaning. Here are the regular jobs I have done:

1. Burgerville
2. Skateworld
3. Nike
4. Pioneer Valley Hospital medical records room
5. American Express new accounts
6. FNBA customer service
7. US Bank personal banker
8. US Bank customer service
9. US Bank Sales assistant
10. US Bank Sales and Service manager
11. US Bank vault teller
12. Stay at home mom


Lars said...

Nice list! I like your addtion of real jobs. #5 is a little scary/interesting.