Monday, December 22, 2008

I WILL leave this house today!

We just finished getting chains on the van. This required finding the old set that had one broken one and combining the one good one from this year with the one good one from last year. Uncle Jeff would be soooo proud of us for being able to get the chains on. We finally seem to know what we're doing. And with no fighting, if you can believe that! Well, no fighting today. There was plenty of fighting Saturday when we couldn't get them on in the dark. My personal favorite part was the Bishop driving by and stopping to see if we needed help. Chris said we were ok. Then the Bishop saw me kneeling in front of the tire getting the chain on and he said, "Oh, you've got Amy there, looks like you're fine."

Oh, yeah, hers manly, hers manly. Don't forget to shake your butt in a circular motion when you sing that. It adds to the effect.