Monday, December 1, 2008

Today Oprah is not the Devil

I got my free Photo Book in the mail today. I would like to thank Oprah and SnapFish for their free promotion.

Not only did I get my almost two year old's baby book done, I also realized that I DON'T need to start that diet today that I was TOTALLY planning on starting.

I opened it up to that first page pictured below and saw the massive girth of my pregnant self, looked from that picture to the mirror, and ate the rest of those cinnamon rolls I made last night. Which, by the way, are the most expensive cinnamon rolls my family has ever eaten. 2 cups of butter, 6 cups of flour, three kinds of sugar, etc, etc. Very expensive and SO SO WORTH EVERY PENNY.

So, no more diet. And my procrastination once again paid off. If I had ordered it a year ago, like I should have, it would have been like thirty bucks. But it wasn't. It was free. Go me! Way to be a slacker and make it work!

Sisters, you'll be happy to know that thanks to my FREE photo book, I can now recognize that the little infant shown on the cover is a whole lot smaller than the big infant in my husband's arms (Who is smiling because she found Grandma in the book. hi mom.)

That's at least two ways that Oprah doesn't suck today. She's still the anti Christ, but I'll gladly take her free stuff.


Sam said...

Grant looks agitated. Was he feeling the Evil from the Oprah "gift"?

Jan said...

This Grandma? Why does she love me only when she's not here?