Friday, December 5, 2008

Must ...Catch...Up

I'm quickly approaching my one year blogiversary and I'm determined to catch up on my actual "journaling" type posts. Things that will matter to me when my babies are older. Things that I can have made into a nice book chronicalling our year. If you suddenly see lots of posts, particularly ones that seem a bit like a travel log, you'll know why. I just wish I hadn't forgotten my camera when we went to see the Fager side of the family over thanksgiving.

Did you all know that spell check doesn't recognize blogiversary, journaling OR chronicalling? Is my spelling just so very far off that it can't imagine what I was looking for? Any help here, you teacher/college graduate types?


Lars said...

Looking forward to your posts. Spell checker, smecker. It doesn't recognize Lauriann either. I think journaling is a scrappers verb that probably recognizes even though Microsoft is behind. The other two are fabulous Amy words.

Sam said...

I'm with that guy, whoever he is. Fabulous Amy words. That and try this spelling for the c word:


Not sure why journaling didn't show. :)

I AM a professor this year, so I felt compelled to respond to your query. HA HA HE HE HO HO. I kill me.