Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday, December 21st

Last night the ice started, so we woke up to more snow with an inch of ice on top. Watching the kids try to take off across the top of it was amusing. It took them a little while to learn the proper technique that allows you to get where you want to go without breaking your shins open.

We're so tired of being stuck here. Our neighbor, Steve, came by on his snowmobile and checked on us. It was the high point of our day.

Here are pictures of the children breaking off chunks of ice. And eating it.

Avery never once asked to play in the snow. She knows it's miserable out there. She's so smart that way. She decided to tear apart the Christmas decorations instead. Here she is pulling the pieces off of the Advent calendar.

This morning after watching my kids fall on their faces trying to walk through the ice, I thought I'd try to embarrass myself. I was very successful.

Kai catching some serious air.



the photo of you needs to be blown up to 11x13 and framed somewhere prominent

Sam said...

Here, here, Beck. My old favorite picture was Ashlynn almost licking Josh's face. My new favorite picture is Amy on the saucer. Absolutely priceless.

Lars said...

Oh crap! Seriously Amy you look terrified. That's what you were feeling right then right? It's the realization that when that little, plastic disc touches snow again that there's ice too and you ain't stoppin' until you crash.

Yeah, that's the look on your face.

BTW loving all these posts about your fam! So much to love & laugh about.

Rhoda said...

I love that pic of you, Amy! You look like a kid! Nice air...

jlcumber said...

I love all the pictures, but the one of you going down the hill is the BEST!!!