Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thanks for the dress, Grandma!

I think she likes it. No, really, just ignore her Planktonish behavior, she just prefers to punish me for my insolent behavior. How dare I ask her to smile for mommy? Or maybe she's just upset that Daddy appears to have put Mommy's tights on her. Those clearly are not her size. She's got elephant ankles, they're all bunched up at the bottom, resting in a pile of synthetic material on her shoes.

She won't smile, not even for Momo. NOT gonna do it.

She said NO!

I think I may have promised candy at this point.

Cute dress, punk child. Little turd. At least Mo is getting a kick out of her.


Jan said...

If possible I laughed harder at this picture than I did at her opening the present in the first place.

jlcumber said...

LOVE IT!!!!!! SO SO SO cute.
Mom...I would like to return Ashlynn's and get a bigger size, so she can wear it next season.