Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Explaining addiction to a two year old

For years we have done the Cough Syrup Battle Royale. One parent holds the sick child by the arms and legs, hopefully immobilizing them. The other parent pinches the nose and strategically deposits the medicine into the mouth just as the scream ends, but before they take another breath. Timing is everything and we still end up with most of the pink stuff sprayed all over us.

It should be a relief to have a baby who loves cough syrup and yet, I find myself becoming increasingly more frightened. She begs for it, sneaks to get it, and licks the remnants from the dispensing cup when it's gone.

I first realized that we might have a junkie on our hands when she shot-gunned her dose, winced, let out an Aaaaah! and smacked her lips loudly. I remember that face. It usually accompanies a shot of something a whole lot stronger than cough syrup.

Here she is with a bottle I had just finished off..
She's desperate for a fix. Come on, there must be SOMETHING left in this thing
See that? She licking her lips. Not good.

Oh, the shame.

Wait, shame is gone, the high has hit.

Oh, yeah, that's what I like.


jlcumber said...

She will be a "fun" drunk. Oh no. :)

Sam said...

Wig. Good look for her. Must get one. :)

Jan said...

Is it hard to think "happy" is bad?

M and M said...

I Don't know Amy, She sure looks happy. Have you tried this cough syrup. Maybe shes on to something.

Lars said...

Definitely disturbing. ha ha You are funny!