Monday, June 23, 2008

342 Reasons Why Kiki Should Come Home Now

I'm going to remind myself of how great it is for her to get to visit her father and other family, but it only helps a little. I miss her High School gossip, and her doing the dishes (bleah! I can't believe she chose that chore over sweeping. CRAZY), and her playing the piano, and her getting us to church on time so we don't miss taking the Sacrament, and her enthusiastic and loving desire to babysit her siblings (touch of sarcasm, but the babysitting, however despised and resented, is still missed), and her hanging with Kai, and her begging (sometimes successfully) to stay up and watch movies with us, and tons of other Kiki stuff. Her siblings enjoyed talking to her on the phone, even VeeVee, and it's fun to hear about all of the stuff she's doing and get updates on all the people that were once my family. I'm happy for her, just sad for me. And, you know what, I'm glad that her father moved there, because it gives her a lot more chances to see her grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles than she used to have and I'm grateful that her Aunt Kathie is always so good to her and flew her out there for her cousin's wedding. She's always been great about flying Kiki to see them. She's a good auntie.

The Shell family will have to keep an eye out for her, because she's staying with her grandparents in their neighborhood. Although, I guess it's a huge area, huh? Well, I told her to look for you and she said "Oh, the girl you grew up with and the bald guy?" So, Lloyd, you're the bald guy around here. Kiki's going to hike to the caves tomorrow, which I never did while I lived there, so I told her she'll officially be a real Mormon now.

Talking to her made me miss Utah a little bit. I missed the green here when I was there, but it has some things I miss there also. Like the real summer. That sounds nice.

See you soon, Keekers!



Lauriann said...

I saw her Aunt J a couple weeks ago, that was the first time in forever, but only from a distance. I'll have to keep my eyes open when I'm out & about in the neighborhood. I'd love to meet her. But she's probably having such a great time being a busy teenager that I won't. I think that is a funny way for her to recognize us. But it might be harder than she thinks 'cause there are several "bald guys". ha ha

I'm sure it'll be a very happy reunion!