Sunday, June 22, 2008

How exactly did you want me to take that?

Geez, I think I must be ovulating.

Oh, yeah? I'm looking pretty good to you, huh?

Yeah, I'm wondering if this is what guys feel like all the time, I keep thinking about "it". It's making me kind of uncomfortable.

IT'S TOTALLY WHAT WE FEEL LIKE! But imagine the first 20 something years of your life when you have no opportunity and it's all you think about every minute of every day and you think you might go crazy. Then, it finally happens and you realize that it's the greatest thing ever. Then you're single again and you think you might die.

I get what you're saying, like you might just start rubbing up on a light post or something, because you're that "ready". No wonder boys have issues with being aroused in public. How awkward.

But it doesn't ever go away! We just walk around this horny all the time, for the rest of our lives. Always ready, always hoping, just talking about it is a little too much for me, I might need to pull over for a minute and try to calm down.

So, you feel like I feel right now, but all the time?


So, you're ready at all times?


You're never leaving the house again, you pervert.

For all of you "poor Chris" people out there, he will eventually be allowed to leave the house again. Someday. I do realize that he was trying to get some sympathy and hoping to get lucky more often by pointing out the desperation that they feel to get lucky all the time. I just don't think that was the smartest way to go about explaining his feelings to me. Maybe next time he should try something along the lines of how seeing ME gets him so excited all the time. Actually, he did follow up the above discussion with that exact line, but it was too late this time. Maybe next time he'll open with that, instead of trying to close with that.


Lloyd said...

I just made Lauriann leave the room so I could write this.


OK, here is where women don't get it. They want us to talk about our feelings, and tell us what is going on. Yeah right. So we do and what happens? We are labeled as perverts! We are not perverts we are men, and men think about it..... a lot, except me at work... you can't be thinking about that when you are getting 80 year olds out of bed when they are only wearing hospital gowns.
Yeah... ick!!

So the point of this is, cut the guy some slack, it isn't his fault, just his little friend downstairs problem!

Lauriann said...

We love them no matter what. Just remember that no matter what they are thinking they aren't available 24/7.

I think it's safe to let him out of the house. He's had to carry this burden and publicly noticeable embarrassment through his adolescence when a slight breeze was more than enough...

But really, it's all about you, he comes home from work every day and worked at home all that time.