Friday, June 27, 2008

It looks like you got paintballed

All I wanted, All I wanted, was to get up and get straight to Walmart to pick up our prescriptions at 9 when they opened. First I didn't get there until 10:30, then they had to call my new insurance company, which required me and my four youngest waiting for 30minutes, which caused my three youngest to run amok and cry and pull things off the shelves and make me crazy asking for things. So, that was a good start. I had promised Kai that we would hit some garage sales on our way back home. I bought two chairs for our formal living room. Two other ladies were trying to buy them too, but I had plopped my fat self down on them, so they were mine. I felt a tiny bit bad, but my poor love seat has been all alone in that room ever since Richard moved in with his girlfriend who's not even his girlfriend anymore (dummy) and we gave her our couch with the plan of getting two chairs in there, but I had no idea that chairs can be so expensive. Forty dollars later I'm the proud owner of very comfortable, very pretty, very flowery (sorry, Chris) chairs. During our garage sales Mo got a wicked bad bloody nose that quickly flowed down her face, was wiped on both arms and spread all around her cheeks before we could get something to clean it up. It looked like she was trying to be a boxer and we don't have any napkins in the car since we started cutting out fast food. so Kai had to ask at one of the garage sales for a wet paper towel.

When we got home the games began with everyone wanting something different for lunch, then they each wanted what the others had also, so each child would like to have 4-5 lunches at once. Not giving into this makes me the meanest mom on the planet and they have made it very clear that they are going to starve to death any minute. I'll miss those emaciated little suckers.

Next came the administration of the "pink medicine of death". Kai is old enough now to do pills, but young enough still to be sure that she will choke to death on the pill. After lots of pill drama I finally got her to put it in her mouth and swallow it. She's so proud, and choke free, I'm so glad she survived. VeeVee hated her medicine so badly that she swiped the bottle as quick as the ninja that she is and spilled most of it on the table. I showed her and sucked it all quickly back up with the medicine dropper. MoMo let most of hers run out of her crying mouth and down her chin. Superturd takes the cake, though. He did the choking-cough-scream and sprayed the whole room and my clothes with pink nightmare. So cute, and I only have to do this 3 times a day for 3 kids for 10 days, I believe that makes 90 times of hearing Kai say that it looks like I got paintballed.