Thursday, June 26, 2008

Drunk Girl

I have not been tactfully avoiding gossip by not posting about Drunk Girl. She just hasn't done anything interesting lately. She's just drunk and can't have her kids in her car or overnight and our friend is divorcing her. She DID either quit or get fired from her job. Her story is a bit questionable on that topic, but either way she's not drawing anyone's blood, hallelujah. She fought our friend pretty hard to get more money in the divorce. She felt that she should have half of the home's value, not just half of he home's equity. That's funny. She finally settled, against the advice of her father, which is SO shocking that it makes me wonder how badly she needed that money. She didn't fight for more time with the kids. That is such a relief. She knows that she's in no place to be a parent right now. Big step for Drunk Girl.

So I'm just updating to say that SHE CALLED OUR FRIEND YESTERDAY AND HAD HIM DRIVE HER TO REHAB. I know, I know, she's done this twice before, but this time she's going to a long term type thing with sober-living after she's done. That's a big step. And she FINALLY admitted that she had been sober 12 days this year. And those days were all in a row. And it gave her seizures so she didn't try that nasty sober thing again. That's a big step admitting all that. Until right then she's always claimed that she hasn't had a drink in weeks and everyone is against her. She did have him stop on the way to rehab to grab a 24oz Keystone and a pack of smokes, but hey, it's a celebratory drink. I had a boss once who had me use the word celebratory in every email that I could because he liked that it sounded like celibate. Weirdo.

That's the scoop. Divorce is done, Drunk Girl will hopefully be re-christened Sober Girl, and the world is safe from getting a needle in the eye instead of the arm by a drunk Pflebotimist. Cross your fingers.


jlcumber said...

Oh Oh...I have been waiting for an update! That is good news. Sad news for us that like to look at train wrecks, but good news for the kids and her!!! My fingers are crossed

Rhoda said...

Thanks for the update. I was waiting, too. I am glad she seems to be heading in the right direction. Sounds like a hell of a mess!!! Hopefully she'll remember how bad she was and not go back. We can hope.