Friday, June 27, 2008

She's Home!

Kiki is home! Kai and Momo went with me to pick her up and they were so excited that they went into spaz mode. The were cracking themselves up. Walking backward on the people mover pretending to be rowing a boat or swimming or walking Egyptian like. Maybe I should have stopped them, like when they picked up every pay phone and pretended to call people, but they were just so happy. Mo reached out on both sides of the elevator doors in a mock attempt to prevent them from closing and screamed Nooooo! and then collapsed into giggles. It was all fun and games until Momo ran into the glass in the rotating door. She thought it was an opening and her face hit it hard. She was still so busy laughing that her scream crying came out sounding like AHHHH hahahahah AHHHHHH hahahaha. It was impossible to tell if she was laughing or crying or being kidnapped by a women covered with scratches and mud and twigs from clearing a trail in the forest right up until we left. We were quite a site. Kiki was like, could you all just break me in slowly, because this is a little much all right at once like this. I was all, Yeah you guys, that was funny, Kenz, you've got to admit they're funny, ok ok, they're embarrassing, but I made them put on clean clothes and brush their hair just for you, doesn't that count for anything?

No, she was pretty patient. Just a little red with sunburn and shock. Coming back to the circus is a bit of a transition for her. Leaving her father is always rough on her. I've never had to do that, so I have no idea what it would be like, but she cries for a few hours, then she settles in and gets back to normal. It's hard to watch as a parent, since there's nothing you can do or say. I'm so sorry that you have divorced parents (for you not for me), I know how much it hurts for you, aren't you glad we did it while you were little and didn't have to suffer through all the garbage that is involved in a divorce? That's not really helpful, so I just hold her and rock her. It's uncomfortable to watch since she's the same size as me. It reminds me of the end of that book "I'll love you forever" when the mom sneaks up the ladder into the grown man's room and rocks him like a baby. Not my favorite part of the book, it's a little creepy.

Welcome home, Keezers, we'll enjoy the next few hours with you before you leave again for the weekend youth conference!