Sunday, June 22, 2008

Free Stuff

Go to and scroll down to her post about (or click here). If you have a Google password (or set one up) you can get several free items sent to you. Her post lists the ones that fall in the $10 limit. Be sure to change your postage to budget or it won't be free shipping for your free item, and that's just dumb. I ordered a new memory card for our camera. I think I'll have Chris do it and order the jump drive.


Lauriann said...

OK. Now I know why you dropped off your blog when you started the internet deals/coupons/moneysaving much to read and learn. Overwhelming really. I wonder if it would really be worth it to me. I've seen women at wal*mart doing the price match thing. Hmm.

Are you doing it a ton or just super deals here and there?