Sunday, June 8, 2008

Latest Walgreens Steal

I feel bad for blogging about a deal that's over, but I'm just so excited that I have to tell you about it. I stopped at Walgreen's yesterday for a bag of nuts on the way to the Tball game. While I was there I checked their ad one last time since it was ending and I hadn't (dang, I just dropped ice cream on my keyboard) gotten anything. I noticed that ibuprofen was on sale if you bought three bottles (100 ct) you got them for $4 each, then I remembered that they have a rebate this month that gets you $10 back if you buy 3, plus the 10% bonus for getting my rebate in the form of a gift card = $1 for all three bottles. How amazing is that?! Kiki and I get killer headaches several times a week so we go through this stuff like I'd like to go through M&Ms or bacon. What is it about the smell of bacon that is so wonderful it brings a tear to my eye? Just thinking about it makes my ice cream taste lame because now I want that form of breakfast meat so very badly.


jlcumber said...

And I thought it was only Chris with the sick love of Breakfast Food. Blah!