Friday, June 13, 2008

Grocery Getter, Mom Machine, Grandma Wagon? Hey, it seats 8 and gas is 4.27 a gallon.

I bought a car. On Ebay. Stupid? We'll see. For now I'm SO EXCITED. Chris is not. Anybody want to guess how much that bothers me? Yeah, not much. This is the first time in our codependent relationship that I have picked out a car. We always GO together to pick out the cars, but when it comes down to it, he makes all the decisions. I usually throw out a few acceptable/unacceptable stipulations (mostly related to color), but other than that he just sells me on whatever he wants. He has way more words in a day than I do so it goes like this

Me: I think we should look at...

Him(before I can finish): Here's what we want and why Blah blah blah blah blah forever blah.

Me:(a dazed and confused nod, trying to even remember what I wanted in the first place) uuh, ok.

Here's why, though, it's because he has always picked GREAT cars. I never have. Left to my own devices I end up with a stupid two door with bad gas mileage and nice "rims" (not really, but you get my point).

So, we've stuck a sign in the big truck and we're buying a gas saver. I wanted to make sure that there was room for all of us, which is seriously limiting since we haven't' figured out birth control yet. He wanted something cheap but attractive and kind of sportyish. I pulled my big girl pants up and got my brave face on and told him that he picked the minivan, I'm picking the new car. He didn't take real kindly to this announcement, but after I listed my arguments he conceded with only one stipulation: I must be the one to drive the car I picked. No problem. I found an estate auction for the State of Oregon. An old person died, leaving no heirs, only 75,000 miles on a 11 year old car in perfect condition. I waited until the last 2 minutes of the auction and threw my bid in hoping that there wasn't' enough time for someone to put in another bid, and I got it. I'm the proud owner of a station wagon. Here's what I "won"
The only thing I'm bummed about it that in my searching I found my dream car. The Buick Roadmaster. I'm not joking, either, this is a Bee-You-Teeful piece of machinery. It's got big seats that look like a sofa, and the tail gate will open down or out like a door depending on what you're doing. It has a tow package with a special engine to accommodate towing anything big, like a camper. Seriously, I'm going to enjoy my little ford for now and start a special nest egg for my dream Buick.

Oh, and Chris has come to terms with being the proud driver of a minivan. He's decided that his lunch hours will be spent in the back of the van with a bucket of chicken watching a movie on it's built in DVD player. Way to look on the bright side, Codo, and way to point out that my new car doesn't have a DVD player or even a CD player. I may have made a horrible mistake.


Thayer & Associates said...

In school we called them BMW's BIG MORMON WAGONS.

jlcumber said...

I am just proud of the price you WON it for!!!
At that price you can afford to get each kid their own personal DVD players.