Monday, June 30, 2008

MOM, read this one first

If you are in one of those moods where you're all stressed out and you're like, Not now, I can't take it, this is not funny to me, and I'm like, DUDE, you don't see the humor in this? REALLY? Cause I'm pretty sure what you just said was AWESOMELY funny and you lobbed it right into my strike zone and you expect me not to swing? Then don't read the post below this one. It's not bad, but sometimes you're not in the mood and considering the funeral is today you might not be in the mood and while I'm never not in a laughing inappropriately mood (just ask the St George Temple workers why they won't ever let me and Beck back in), I respect that you are often in a more serious place, so I just thought I'd warn you that my previous post was funny to me, and I was kind of making fun of something you said, so maybe just skip it until you think I'm funny again.

See you at the services. I promise no joking there. I might make mental notes for later, but I doubt it.