Saturday, June 14, 2008

For Those With Unfortunate Facial Hair Issues

To my three sisters (I'm not naming any names here), I have officially found the BEST facial hair removing product EVER. I'm not talking about that electric plucker thing (which I love, even as I wince in pain and pause, panting and sweating, every few seconds to bare down and endure the pain similar to child birth). I tried these waxing strips that were on sale (at Walgreen's). I didn't try them, really, the other facial hair challenged individuals in my home tried them first and SWORE to me that they were way better than the regular waxing that we do during our twice monthly "Let's All Wax Before Bed" parties. So, I tried them and they're RIGHT, they work better, faster, and a way more effective than the other waxes we've tried around here. They come as these little strips of plastic that you rub between your hands until it warms and then stick it where you want and rip. They're very small, so less mess and work, and they're special for faces.

Goodbye, goatee. Hello, bright red skin in the shape of a goatee(but only for a few hours, and I don't like going out in public anyway). I encourage my female siblings to try this product and join me in blissfully smooth faces. But not that one male sibling, he needs all the hair on his head he can manage to get. Or for my husband who can't grow facial hair if he tries (what a sad couple we are).


jlcumber said...

you suck, but yes...I will try these. :) Way to out us Aims! :)