Thursday, June 19, 2008

Goodbye, Mrs Dennis

My parent's neighbor died last night. She lived next door to them ever since we moved into that house 35 years ago. I didn't know her first name when I was a kid. We were always expected to address her properly, and my parents did as well, so she was just Mrs. Dennis. She always had a cat. I've always thougjt that it was one cat for the last 35 years. I guess that can't be right, unless it's some sort of magical cat, but it wasn't even black, so probably not. Her house and yard were always immaculate, like a beautiful museum with manicured lawns and gardens, really beautiful. I don't remember being in her house more than a few times. One of those times I remember her showing us her braille typewriter and braille books. Now I wonder why she had those. She wasn't blind and she had been alone as long as we had known her. That's weird, but it was super cool seeing and touching those books as a kid. She was a very gentle, sweet, and proper lady. A wonderful neighbor and I was absolutely terrified of her. I must have been scared because we weren't supposed to go in her yard or let our stuff end up there. To me that meant she must be mean. Now I'm betting that my parents understood we were a complete nightmare and didn't want us ruining her her yard like we ruined everything we touched or looked at or breathed on or near. That's nice of them. She did have a far corner of her yard that we used as a path to get to our BFF, Betty Lynn's, house. I made out with my boyfriend back there in her bushes in high school. I hope she never saw us.

I'm happy for her that she has gone on to a better place and is free from the pain she was in. I just hope my parent's get a neighbor that is anywhere near the neighbor she was.


Jan said...

amy, Amy, AMY