Thursday, June 5, 2008

Opinions please!

First of all, Kiki has been a giant stress ball rolling around our house crushing everyone in her path. The reason for the stress were the play tryouts for next year's play. She's only gonna be a sophomore and she wanted the lead and we reviewed that she had many more opportunities for getting the lead and the closer that the day got for cast selections, the more crazy the look in her eyes got. So, finally the day came and she called crying and hyperventilating and SHE GOT THE LEAD! I don't mean to sound surprised, I know she's got talent and she is an obvious choice, I just thought they'd give it to one of the seniors or something. Very exciting stuff around here. I even did the teenage girl jump and scream while holding hands when I picked her up from school.

Here's the question: The script calls for her to kiss the male lead. She asked my opinion and I said that if she's going to act she'll have to get used to that. She says she's not 16 yet, so it's against our believes. I say she's taking that rule out of context. She says (and I agree) that she doesn't want her first kiss to be someone she has no feelings for. I suggested maybe a warm embrace instead. She said Eww, even grosser.

I want opinions here. I know who you all are, so I expect at least 7 opinions, possibly as many as 10. What would you advise if you were her mother?


Thayer & Associates said...

You don't kiss the boy. You get close enough that it looks like you are kissing.
With echothers heads just off to the right and left and one of you with your head slightly to the audience.
It will take some practice on both your parts but it is very convincing.

Rhoda said...

If it is a fake movie kiss like I do with Andie, I can't see the harm. Very dramatic, but totally fake. Not really comparable to a real kiss.

jlcumber said...

No lips. Suck them in and touch, but no actual kissy kissy.

GREAT JOB GIRL!! I am so excited to go and see the play!

Sam said...

First, as mommy, drop to your knees and thank our Heavenly Father you have a child that is a moral and good teenager. That's the first and most important thing. Then allow her to follow her heart. Right on, GIRL! Heck, I say a high five should be sufficient. :)

Heidi Rushing said...

First of all, congratulations! Make sure and let us know when it is, we definitely want to come see it.

I think the kiss would be fine - if it isn't someone you want to kiss and in front of the whole auditorium, it is more like kissing an uncle or something and shouldn't ruin anything for her first 'real' kiss. Just make sure it is peck and why not just a little to the side of his mouth?