Friday, May 16, 2008

45 more days of this kind of crazy...

I just looked at Leanna's Blog and it says she only has 45 days left before her baby is born! That's a month and a half, people! 45 days from now she'll be the mother of three, Ainsley won't be an only girl, and we will be facing a postpartum type Leanna. I think she was fine with the last one, though, right? Maybe, like her pregnancies, she gets progressively better each time. Unlike myself. With my very last baby EVER I decide to really embrace the postpartum and go completely nutso starting the day my inlaws arrived and ending the day they left.

The climax, the grand finale, was the night they decided to treat us to Red Robin. With my Csection recovery I couldn't go, so they brought it all home to us. Just as we started to eat Chris leaned over and whispered that I needed to try to look happier or his mom would think I didn't want her there. It's all a little fuzzy after that. I remember the F-bomb and my burger flying through the air in his direction. I remember trying to run up the stairs, but I could only hobble due to my surgery, which was very anticlimactic. I remember sitting on my bed crying so hard and wishing, for the ONLY time ever in my life, that I would go to sleep and take a forever nap. I realized that I must have some postpartum depression because I didn't really want to be dead. Chris came up to our room, I thought he was there to apologize, but it was just to tell me how horrible I was acting. I told him that HE should get a hotel room, then, because his mom surely understood what I was going through. I don't know if she did or not, but to this day I can't believe I wasted that Red Robin Teriyaki Chicken Burger. I'm still mad at myself about that one. I learned a very important lesson though. Throwing perfectly good food at your spouse is never the answer, it doesn't even hurt them, and you're still hungry.

Those are my only words of advice to my baby sister. Good luck, Jeffrey, we're here for you.


jlcumber said...

This is by far my most favorite story!!!!! Hearing it over the phone shortly after the event was best, but this still makes me laugh.