Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday, Amy Dear!

The glorious day of my birth, 28 years ago today..

How stinkin cute am I? Yeah, I know.

My 18th birthday on my way to BonJovi!

My 21st birthday. Officially the worst birthday I've ever had. Very bad memories about a fight that I have to try to block out at this time every year and it's a good thing I can't go back in time and kick my own hiney for putting up with the things I put up with, because I would if I could. Oh well, lessons were learned eventually.

My first birthday with my family. I think I was around 28 that year, too.

Aren't you all glad that I no longer make you celebrate my birthday for the WHOLE month of May? For non-sister readers - somewhere in my 20s I realized that acting all subtle and hoping people would remember and then being bitter when they didn't wasn't working so well for me, so I changed my tactic to being INCREDIBLY OBNOXIOUS about it for weeks leading up to it.

I woke up this morning to my mommy calling to sing some birthday song that I've never heard, which was lovely. Then I opened my email and had an e-card my father, how amazing is that? Not even being sarcastic, I was so surprised. It was a sarcastic card which is our way of saying "I Love You", so that was touching. Then my sweet sweet sissies posted blogs about me in a blatant attempt to make me cry, which they all know I don't do. Maybe just a little, but you have no witnesses.

I would like to reply to a few of their comments about me (Becky's, Jenny's, Leanna's). I know I'm the best travel buddy, I totally am, and I too enjoyed our many nights out country dancing. It was some of the best times ever and helped me greatly in getting over my lying exhusband. I wouldn't trade it. We got so much fun attention! I know that I can be hot under certain circumstances, if I've spent hundreds on my hair, am wearing just the right amount of makeup, no direct sunlight, plenty of flash, and I'm slightly angled to my right to minimize my nose. AND if I remember to do my practice smile. THEN I can be toward the upper avie scale. Otherwise, I know that I am a solid middle to low avie, but thank you for the compliment, it inspired me to put on makeup and do my hair in honor of my birthday. I know I'm logical AND handy, but thanks for letting everyone else know that I rock in that department. I can't believe Beck thinks I can't keep a secret. That's ridiculous.

Thanks for the posts, sissies! Oh, and if Leanna liked my bad bangs in those pictures, she'll really like them now because I trimmed them myself and cut way too far over. What am I, in Jr High or something?


what kind of a name is abra said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! You are so lucky to have such great sisters.

Rhoda said...

Happy Birthday!! I am so happy to hear that you are 28, since that makes me 29! LOVE IT!!


Abra...yes she is.

jlcumber said...

Fun stuff!