Monday, May 19, 2008

Chocolate milk, anyone?

Baby VeeVee was bawling in the wading pool and I stuck my head out to ask Superturd what exactly he had done to her. I had just filled a cup with apple juice for him and he was now in the pool with that cup scooping the water out. I wasn't sure why the water was now so muddy, it hadn't been earlier.

Son, what's wrong with your sister?


What are you doing with your cup?

Getting the poop out of the water.

I took a closer look and saw that he had, in fact, removed several large pieces of poop from the pool. The big pieces, anyway, there were a lot of floaters left and that water wasn't actually muddy, it was just brown.

I let them keep swimming since he had gotten the big pieces out.

KIDDING, I washed the pool out and hid it. No more nude pooping in the pool for Superturd. Our neighbors were just talking about having us over to swim in their real pool, too. I might want to rethink that.


jlcumber said...

Why oh why do I read your blog while I am eating???