Thursday, May 8, 2008

Why Do I Admit These Things?

I totally started to call this "All New Lows", but my sisters would call it "A Load of Steaming Crap" if I did, since it should really be called "Very Typical of Amy, She's Crazy". So,here we are, then. My current low was googling where Chris' hotel is at and then googling all the Strip Clubs in that town to see if there were any close by. How embarrassing is that? As if knowing where one is located in relation to his hotel means anything. I'm thinking that if guys are looking for those establishments they're probably willing to drive around a bit to find one. It doesn't have to be within walking distance. There is one within walking distance, as I found out, so that didn't help.

He's going to just LOVE reading this one. I can hear him now I've gone out of my way to call you every chance I get and I've talked to you until late late every this the thanks I get? I might as well be our running around looking at all the young college girls with my buddies if this is how you're going to act. My reply will go something like this You've known I was crazy for years, if I didn't trust you so much I'd still have that GPS transmitter in you shoe! Not really, but I did look into it.

Please realize that this post is in no way a reflection on my husband's trustworthiness. He's been amazing on this whole trip and if he wasn't making me feel so NOT crazy, you'd all know about it, it would be WAY worse than just googling strip clubs. I'm just a tad psycho in the stripper department.


jlcumber said...

Wow. Yes...crazy and it is your birthday...think HAPPY thoughts!!!
Stop thinking about Asian Strippers. HA! Ouch...that was bad. Sent you over the edge? Come back Amy...don't be mad at me for pushing your buttons a little. See you tonight at dinner.

Thayer & Associates said...

You googled the strip clubs. Amy thats just asking for the crazy and its your day a going out with your sisters with no kids day, So no more Crazy. ok