Sunday, May 18, 2008

No More Crockpot Goo (for now)

I would like to publicly announce that tonight I cleaned the chicken goo out of the crockpot. I tried to make it a week, but I came up a day short.

I think it's funny that GinaLee asked for the teriyaki chicken recipe, since I found it by blog stalking her. I don't remember who it was on her page, but someone had commented her and I clicked that persons profile and she also had recipes and she had one called Samoan Chicken. It was delicious and still smelled really yummy even after several days. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but I was tempted to try a little nibble. I didn't. It's not a whopper you know.

I didn't feed it to the critters, either, I just threw it in a garbage bag. So boring.

Our friend the Kindergarten teacher is giving us chicks after their class eggs hatch. Wish me luck!


jlcumber said...

How will you know if they are little boy chicks or little girl chicks?

M & M said...

little girl chicks have the PINK bows!!!!!!!!!DUH!!!

Amy and Chris and supporting cast said...

Uh-oh. Aren't all chicks girls? Aren't the boys baby roosters and the girls baby chickens? What will I do with roosters?

Gina Lee said...

How funny! That recipe comes from my friend Bonnie's blog. I will have to try that one... My husband is leaving for FIVE weeks for work so I will be making easy meals for me and the son child. FIVE WEEKS, I may go crazy.