Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Must Stop the Cussing

I have admitted right here in this very blog that I suffer from a bit of the "truck driver mouth", something I'm working on, along with my never ending battle with Diet Pepsi. After that F'ing birds video of my sweet innocent Superturd, I've become increasingly shocked at the amount of baby trucker language coming out of his sweet innocent mouth. Today alone I heard him say "Oh Damn it" and "Son of a B..." You know the rest. I'm glad that my Nursery leader has sons that say "Oh Crap" into the microphone while giving talks in primary. She's pretty used to boys, so I'm not too worried about her turning me in. I do need to get control of it somehow, though, starting with my team driver in trucking. He's way worse than I am. Is it out of line to wash your husband mouth out with soap? How about spank him and not in a sexy way?

Some other random things heard in my house this week...

Mo: Stop that, you'll break it. Mom paid good money for that.

Superturd: Huh, huh, that's fonny Mom.

Mo, talking to the bowl of rice at the dinner table: I'm sorry I moved you away from me. I didn't mean anything by it. I still love you. Here, I'll make a spot for you right here next to the salad. Is that better? Good.

Superturd: (after taking the bread in Sacrament) DON'T WORRY, THEY BRING WATER TOO.

Chris (talking to a nice, respectable neighbor who offered KiKi a ride home from band to save us a trip and Chris said that she's not allowed to ride alone with a boy, which is technically true, but he's totally trust worthy and it would have saved me a trip so I would have said yes) You know it's nothing personal. I totally trust you, you're a great kid. I just don't trust her. I think she might try to make out with you on the way home. Could you be any more embarrassing? I can't believe I missed it. I miss all the best stuff. What makes it way better is knowing that he's a popular senior football player kid and she's a lowly freshman. So EMBARRASSING.


jlcumber said...

Did Mackenzie turn red, start screaming and die??? Oh my!!

LOVE that Mo was worried about hurting the little rice's feelers.