Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Flashback - We're Special Edition

We thought you would all enjoy this reenactment of one of our childhood photos.
You're welcome.
Please notice the very accurate outfits and facial expressions, a lot of thought and preparation went into this. During which time my kids cried and screamed "MomIneedyouMomIneedyouMomIneedyou", but we persevered and created the piece of art.


Jan said...

You two are just as cute as you ever were.

Sam said...

The pensive look. Oh, I am so peeing right now. You two are too dang funny.

Linda said...

Now you can call me a BLOG STALKER! I found you via Kandi's (Teojax) blog. I must say.......I LOVE THIS REINACTMENT PHOTO.

:) Too funny.
~Linda (Glencoe Class of '88)