Sunday, May 18, 2008

Friday(ish) Flashback- It's a Small World Edition

Sometimes life is crazy. Today we had a homecoming in our ward. My first counselor (Rebecca) had a son come home from his mission and he spoke today, so there were a lot of visitors. As the kids were all coming in for Primary I looked up and a visitor was trying entice her son to sit down with the other kids his age. I walked over to see if I could be of any assistance. When she looked up I realized that she was Lorrie Anderson! I looked at the boy and TOTALLY thought it was their son Michael. I haven't seen them in years and Michael was a baby when KiKi was born, so I was wrong about this six year old being Michael . Michael is 16! Do you sisters remember when Lorrie threw me a baby shower when Kiki was born? ANYWAY, it turns out they were visiting our ward because their nephew was speaking. SHE'S REBECCA'S SISTER! HOW WEIRD IS THAT? I realize that the whole "it's a small world" thing loses some of it's surprise when you're talking about us Mormon peoples, but I can't believe what a weird coincidence this is. We talked for a long time in the hall and caught up. Monte was there and it was so good to see them both. I said I had pictures of baby Michael and baby Kenzie, but I guess I only have pictures of Michael. So, here's my flashback, a little late, it's us playing with Michael about 15 years ago. They make beautiful kids.

Even weirder still, the Rushings used to be in their ward. This is freaky stuff.