Monday, May 19, 2008


About those polygamists, check this out:

"Lawyers for one mother said in court that copies of the Book of Mormon have been taken from the boys being housed at the Cal Farley's Boys Ranch in Amarillo.

That irritated the judge.

"I'd like to know why that was removed," said Judge Marilyn Aboussie. "I'd like to hear if there's a good reason. I can't think of one myself. There needs to be an excellent reason."

HOW SCREWED UP IS THAT?! YEAH, THIS ISN'T RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION, NOT AT ALL. I'm sure those nice folks at the "Boys Ranch" aren't AntiMormons and just thrilled to "unbrainwash" some of those satanic "Mormon" folk. They're probably shocked not to find any horns. I fully acknowledge my sensitivity to the subject. I've lost friends and boys once they or their parents found out I was "one of them". Can you imagine if a mainstream (not those Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses, etc) "Christian" kid was in foster care and had their Bible taken away? How well would that go over? How about a Jewish kid, can anyone say Holocaust? This is such BS.

This makes me more mad than the Boys and their title company mess, which was fixed as soon as Chris let them know he was moving the loan to another company. Yeah, the boss called him and claimed that the lady was out of the office and that he had fixed the error. Whatever.


jlcumber said...

When is this going to end? Isn't someone watching???