Friday, May 9, 2008

Gee your hair smells terrific

My children and I actually benefited, hygienically, from the absence of their father. I have given them multiple baths/showers each day because it keeps them contained in one area for a period of time longer that 30seconds. That way I can move the lap top to where I have a good vantage point of them and I get some work (or blogging) done. They're happy, I'm happy. The only reason I don't try this when he's at home is the location of his office is connected to our bathroom, so I don't think he'd appreciate our presence. The frequency and volume of the baby getting sick has been a contributing factor, as well. Also, I have put on makeup several days in a row. Not because he's gone, just because I was going to have to see strangers, errands that he would have been doing, had he been here.

Here are some pictures of the Vee fresh from one of her baths.

These are really for Daddie's benefit. See you not soon enough!


Our Family said...

Looks to me like your hair color turned out well! Cute photos!